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We're proud of our history of patient satisfaction.

Here are some kind words from our patients:
“You guys are really good. Everyone here is extremely nice. Also your payment plan sure helps. I'm sure you've helped out many others.” B.N.
“Doctor and assistants are amazing. I loved every visit.” P.C.
“Great staff. Very helpful and caring to all of your needs. Everything and everybody was great!” C.O.
“The Doctor was cool and my braces were off fast.” D.N.
“I have a new smile! I highly recommend Dana Orthodontics. Great service overall.” K.G.
“Dana Orthodontics entire office/doctor/staff are amazing. Patient care is always positive/understanding/knowledgeable. Wonderful communication.” M.L.
“I really liked the treatment and the way I was treated and am very impressed with the outcome.” A.D.
“The people here are so amazing! Not only are they professional about their job but they are all super nice, including Doctor Dansie. They make you feel so comfortable and always go out of their way for their clients. Thanks for everything guys, you were all so wonderful!” S.C.
“My kid loves going to the orthodontist, the staff is friendly and make her feel comfortable.” A.E.
“The staff has been extremely nice and helpful not to mention cheaper than the first place we were going to go with. I definitely recommend Dana Orthodontics to anyone who is looking for orthodontic treatment.” A.I.
“Great and friendly staff. Gilda does an awesome job, I didn't even want braces however, she talked me into them. My teeth turned out great. Doctors and staff were great from top to bottom.” B.M.
“Super nice and welcoming and they make you feel comfortable and it's an amazing outcome.” L.L.
“Dr. Dansie is a miracle worker. I've been told by several orthodontists that it would not be possible to straighten my teeth due to my severe overbite and overcrowded lower jaw. But Dr. Dansie took the challenge and 19 months later, I have perfectly straight teeth! No pulled teeth necessary! I've been wanting braces for as long as I can remember. Finally, at the age of 37, I have a huge smile on my face I am not embarrassed to show to the world.” B.B.
“Had a great experience and I'm very satisfied with the results.” A.D.
“The people at Dana are really friendly and they are really concerned about their patients. They make sure that you know what is going on with your treatment and if there is something that isn't understood they explain it in a way that makes it easy and simple to understand.” R.O.
“Very friendly staff, always nice and friendly no matter what. My experience was great because everyone was nice, and the nurses and doctor explain what they are going to do so you know exactly how it will help.” J.W.
“Very proficient and very well priced.” J.P.
“Overall Dana is by far the best place I have heard about and have experienced in getting your teeth straightened with amazing staff.” M.V.
“I love Dana and I strongly recommend it, they don't treat you bad, and they have people who speak Spanish as well.” R.S.
“He is a good doctor. Very friendly and on top of things. Overall I had a good experience with Dana.” P.G.
“They are very helpful, and kind. They make sure orthodontic treatment goes fast, and with ease.” C.S.
“Everyone is so nice and so friendly, and they do everything they can to make sure your teeth are as perfect as can be. I loved it!” M.N.
“I loved the assistants and Dr. Cameron, and Dr. Dansie. They were kind, courteous and very outgoing. Made sure that I was very comfortable after every visit even though the adjustments would take a couple of days to get use to. And I appreciate that they are health conscious...wiping down everything and always using gloves when taking care of a patient's mouth!” C.W.
“Thank you Dana Orthodontics!!!! My son's smile looks amazing!!!” S.W.
“Thank you so much for making my teeth straight and also working with my family. You guys have done a great job with all 6 of us that have got our teeth done with you.” G.L.
“Great service at a great value.” J.B.
“It is a warming and welcoming place to go and get braces at! All the assistants are very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process.” C.G.
“You guys obviously know what you are doing, because my teeth look great!” C.H.
“Great doctor. Girls very friendly. :) Good team.” O.H.
“Best ortho experience! My assistant Hilda was awesome she got me back on time, while we were waiting she kept us informed about how much longer, she made me feel like I was her number one priority! Thanks you both and the woman working in the front you guys are awesome!” K.S.
“Good service, fast treatment.” R.H.
“There was very friendly people at all times and people to translate from English to Spanish and that helped a lot so yes I would recommend it to others.” D.C.
“Overall a great place to get your teeth straightened!” L.S.
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Why just initials? We take patient privacy very seriously at Dana Orthodontics and we have chosen to present these comments with initials rather than names.