Dana Orthodontics in West Valley City, Utah



Help your child greet the world with a confident, healthy smile.

Braces for Children and Teens

We are expert smile makers for children and teens. We're proud to offer orthodontics for young people because a happy, healthy smile contributes to positive self-esteem.

We recommend that you schedule a free orthodontic consultation for your child at around age seven. Diagnosing and treating problems early may help prevent future orthodontic complications.

We suggest an early evaluation to:
  • demonstrate that orthodontists are friends, not foes
  • prevent more serious problems from developing
  • correct harmful oral habits
  • guide the growth of the jaw and permanent teeth
  • expand the palate to avoid tooth extractions
  • establish the orthodontic foundation to build beautiful smiles
Orthodontic treatment may be necessary for conditions including:
  • crooked or protruding teeth
  • crowding of teeth
  • jaw misalignment, improper bites
  • overbites and underbites

Dana Orthodontics can provide you with preventive as well as aesthetic help. Schedule a free consultation and we'll tell you about the treatment options that will give your son or daughter the best opportunity for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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