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Doctor's Birthday Special

It's Dr. Northrups Birthday this month so we decided that was a good a reason as any for a cool promotion! This month we are offering a $600 match discount with a twist! That means that we will match anything you put down from $1 to $600 as a discount on comprehensive treatment.

The twist is that we are also offering an additional bonus for those ready to schedule the day of their consult! If you sign the same day as your consult, you may choose between an additional $200 off or $100 off and a nice electric toothbrush to help keep those teeth clean during treatment.

As always, we offer no interest payment plans to help make treatment more affordable - no credit check required. Or you can save even more by paying in full for an additional 5% discount!

Below is a chart that shows a how this deal could work for you in a couple different scenarios.

$700 Discount Discount + Insurance Pay in Full Pay in Full with Insurance
Comprehensive Fee $4990 $4990 $4990 $4990
Insurance Benefit* $0 $1500 $0 $1500
Match + Bonus $800 $800 $800+5% $800+5%
Down Payment $600 $600 $3980 $2555
Amount Financed $3590 $2090 $0 $0
Total Patient Cost $4190 $2690 $3980 $2555

*The insurance benefit shown is just a placeholder orthodontic benefit. Your insurance may cover more or less than this, and we may have a contracted rate with certain insurances that could further change things for you. Come see us for a consultation if you would like to figure out your exact coverage!

For more information or to set up a free consultation give us call us at 801-955-4400. Please mention this special by name so we can make sure you get the right deal!

Don't feel like calling? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Limited time offer - start or schedule before 5/31/2024 to qualify. Restrictions apply. May not be combined with any other offer or discount, including insurance discount or family discount.

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